Rural Alaska Real Estate specializes in remote properties

Remote, mostly roadless, the Eastern Interior of Alaska is wild and pristine.  Much of the land will never be developed.  There are national and state parks and forests, Native lands, state and federal land, and a limited amount of private property.

Rural Alaska Real Estate, the premier real estate company in the area for the past 30 years is the place to find your piece of Alaska.  We are a member of the statewide Multiple Listing Service, so we can show and sell any property in the area or in the state.  We prefer to work in the area we know well and love.

Highway access to the area is by the Alaska Highway, the Tok CutOff or the Taylor Highway.  The office is located at Mile 122.5 Tok CutOff  at the two yellow burls.  Drop by, call or send an email for information on our properties.

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