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Remote areas have very little private land.  That is the nature of remote.  It is NOT the least expensive land, because it is greatly desired.  Most land in Alaska has been sold by the state.  Usually several properties will be fairly close together.  A few Native allotments have come out of restricted status and are occasionally put on the market. The good news is that even those properties close to one another rarely have full time residents.  Privacy is greatly valued here and you won’t find it difficult to find a private location.

It is important to remember that remote really means REMOTE.  There won’t be power or water, there may be a trail, but it is unlikely you will be able to drive a vehicle larger than a four or six wheeler to it in the summer.  Snow machines would be a preferred method of transportation in the winter. 

There is limited waterfront in this area.  Most of it is located on larger rivers.  We do occasionally have some properties for sale which are boat in only, but they are rare.

A spectacular remote property near Nikolai, this property is just off the Kuskokwim River on Scow Harry Slough. It is ..near a federal airstrip or can be reached by boat.  Medfra was an early trading post and the historic buildings are located nearby.  This is a Native allotment.  $200,000 includes everything on the property.  See more detail on remote or waterront pages.
Pickerel Slough
Choose this 40 acre remote property on the Yukon River for your remote living or recreation.  
Located west of Eagle, Alaska, not far from Calico Bluff, it is an inholding in Yukon Charley National Preserve.  Access is by boat, snow mobile or dog team.  See more photos at Pickerel Slough page under waterfront.  $45,000.

Island Lake Property has Alaska Highway Frontage

40 acres on Island Lake, the piece being broken off the only private property on the lake.  Located just 7 miles from the Yukon border, this property has Alaska Highway frontage as well as lake frontage.  Commercial potential, or use it as your private retreat.  No near neighbors.  $80,000.
Eagle Property
Located just a couple of miles outside Eagle, it's been a while since this driveway was cut in.  The property is on the Taylor Highway at about Mile 186.  Ground cover is a mix of birch and spruce, and a lot of fireweed.  With a forest fire nearby a few years ago, a firebreak was cut on part of the property.  $32,000
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